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TA Technix air intake kit BMW 1er Series / 3er Series with Motorcode N55

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TA Technix air intake kit
BMW 1 series (E82 / E88)
BMW 3 series (E90 / E91 / E92 / E93) 335i
model with engine code N55
Kit includes:
1 x airbox
1 x conical filter
2 x connecting pipes (Ø 78mm),
both for connecting with
pressure sensor
2 x 76mm silicone connector
4 x hose clamps 70-90mm Ø
with fixings and brackets
Zulassung: ohne ( im Bereich der STVZO nicht zulässig )

Hersteller: BMW
Modell: 1er Serie / 3er Serie
Typ: 1er Coupe (E82), 1er Cabriolet (E88), 3er Limousine (E90), 3er Touring (E91), 3er Coupe (E92), 3er Cabriolet (E93)
Baujahr: 2006 -